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HSV325 4K 30Hz Type-C HDMI Video Capture Device

The HDMI capture card inputs video data or audio and video mixed data of
 a video signal such as an analog camera, a PC, a set-top box, a television,
 etc. into a computer, and converts it into computer-recognizable digital
 data, which is stored in the computer and becomes editable. Processed
video data files.

Support 3.5mm left and right channel audio output, independent microphone
Support HDMI signal input
Support Type-C power supply, no external power supply required
Support HDMI Loop out
Supports all standard HDMI source inputs with resolutions below 4K
Output resolution up to 1080/60Hz
Support Window Linux OS X system
Compatible with HDMI1.3
Working power consumption is ≤2.5W
Size 130mm*55mm*15mm


Host   Interface :   Type-C
Input Interface  : HDMI   interface
HDMI Input Formats :  480i   , 480P , 576i , 576P , 720p50 , 720p60 , 1080i50 , 1080i60 ,1080p24/25/30/50/60 4K
Output Formats Resolutions  : 640*480/720*480/720*576/768*576/800*600/1024*768/1280*720/1280*800/1280*960/1280*1024/13
Capture standards of UVC and UAC support of OS Windows 7 , Windows Server 2008 R2 Linux(Kernel version 2.6.38 and above) OS X(10.8 and above)
Software compatibility : Windows Media Encoder(Windows) Adobe Flash   Media Live Encoder(Windows , OS X) Real Producer Plus(Windows) VLC(Windows , OS X ,   Linux) QuickTime Broadcaster(OS X) QuickTime player(OS X) Wire cast(Windows , OS X) Pot   player(Windows)and etc
Development interface compatibility : DirectShow(Windows) , DirectSound(Windows) ,   V4L2(Linux) OS X(QuickTime)

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