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HSV524 1080P 4*1 Quad Screen Multi-View Seamless Switch + KVM

HSV524 adopts the method of image compression and digital processing, which compresses the four pictures on the screen of a display device in the same proportion, and has multiple switching and video segmentation modes.The control mode of the splitter is flexible and convenient. It can be controlled by panel control and IR remote control, and it is easy to install, beautiful and generous, suitable for construction projects, conference halls, games, security monitoring, command and control room, training and teaching, business exchange centers and soon.

  1. One set of mouse and keyborad control 4 PC

  2. Split screen into 4,switch by keyboard hotkey

  3. Stereo audio output R/L(RCA)

  4. Wireless keyboard/mouse and remoter control

  5. Support 1080P 60Hz

  6. Seamless switch among 5 display modes

  7. Synchronization + screen split 2 in 1


524 data.jpg

524 应用.jpg

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