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HotSpot Tech is an R&D company focusing on providing creative video / audio / high speed data connection products, OEM/ODM services and One-Stop solutions.

At hotspot, Integrity, quality, innovation and service are our top priorities. The customer is our king. We are always striving to reach and exceed their expectations by improving our product, management and service.

Currently we have been energetically working on a series of video signal extension products based on HDMI,DVI,SDI, VGA, and wireless mirror link productsproviding clients with high quality and long-distance transmission solutions by utilizing WiFi, Lan cable, internet and Optic fiber. Currently our products are widely used in rail transit, security and surveillance, big screen display, multimedia teaching, LED advertisement, factory control. Etc. In addition, HDMI, DVI, SDI, VGA video decoders newly from HotSpot are playing its role in fields, like IPTV, video meeting, security and surveillance, live broadcast and recorded broadcast by offering stable, HD and reliable front acquisition equipments.

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