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HotSpot Tech is an R&D company focusing on providing creative video / audio / high speed data connection products, OEM/ODM services and One-Stop solutions.

As firm believer of self-dependent innovation and excellency. HotSpot is now in possession of a number of patents with the joint efforts of R&D team.

HotSpot tech is always available to provide all kinds of video audio processing solutions with the target of improving researches and saving costs for clients. 

Welcome to contact with us for ODM projects.

No.1: HDMI conversion 

With current HDMI conversion module

VGA to HDMI converter, YPbPr to HDMI converter, SCART to HDMI video converter, AV/S connector to HDMI video converter, HDMI protector, HDMI 2D to3D, WII to HDMI converter, PSP to HDMI converter 

Welcome to customize HDMI conversion module

1、Input signal:AV、BNC、SVIDEO、RGB、RGB+S、YUV、YPbPr、YCbCr、TV、VGA .etc 

2、Output signal:HDMI .etc

NO.2:HDMI extension

With current HDMI extension module

HDMI extender over IP,HDMI extender over Lan cable,HDMI extender over fiber, HDMI extender over coaxial, HDMI

Welcome to customize HDMI extender

HDBaseT extender, HDBaseT 4K*2Kextender, Wireless extender(HDMI wireless extender)


NO.3:HDMI splitter

With current HDMI split module

HDMI splitter 1*2, HDMI splitter 1*4, HDMI splitter 1*8,HDMI splitter 1*16

4K*2K HDMI splitter 1*2,4K*2K HDMI splitter 1*4,4K*2K HDMI splitter 1*8,4K*2K HDMI splitter 1*16

Welcome to customize HDMI splitter

1.3 or 1.4 HDMI splitter 1*32.etc


NO.4:VGA conversion

With current VGA conversion module

AV/BNC/S-VIDEO to VGA, MINI Display Port converter, PC to TV, YPbPr to CVBS, YPbPr to VGA,USB to VGA converter,

Welcome to customize VGA conversion module




NO.5:VGA function processing

With current VGA function processing module 

PAL/NTSC converter

Welcome to customize VGA function processing module

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